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Win-Win is over. Period

Win-to-many is here. We have been told many times we need to find situations for two parties to win something, being beneficial for the two of them. We can find this Theory in many theoretical negotiation lessons and books.

Being a win-win a balanced, winning and fair situation in the outcome obtained for two people or parts involved in that situation. However, why would we kowtow to limit ourselves to just one counterpart when we can go far beyond with those limits?

Limits are always set by oneself, no matter who sends this message (society, family, friend, ourselves). Anyways, everyone is capable to extend and expand them far beyond what this regular vision says.

There is just one path to make this happen: shifting every limit in the outcomes our minds set, proactively changing them for bigger possibilities. Note them down, and make them happen, step by step. Pretty easy to think about, right? Extremely difficult game to play.

When Karma law grows exponentially

The main point here is that it’s worth it. Not because of the Karma law, but because we belong to great accomplishments. We are not here to play small, regardless of what our ENTP, ENTJ, INTP, INTP Briggs Myers’ typology results says.

Regardless of our extrovert, or introvert inner character we always regret for every “bigger opportunity” we let go, when we have the option to influence it on. Meaning “bigger opportunity” any which is aimed to influence more than just one person, being the outcome bigger that regularity.

For this reason, from now on do start to get involved in every project which is aimed to provide a greater outcome than one, aimed to help more than one person, animal or plant.

Do propose win-to-many projects to the environment you are in, because the great thing about this all, is that there are far less limits than we think, when the purposes of our projects grow in their limits.

Your time is now, not tomorrow. If today you feel small, it’s because you let that happen. Make yourself providing big. It’s your time, it’s our time. And there’s no need to wait any single more second. Past does not exist. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. DIN & MIH: DO IT NOW, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

If you liked what you read, and share it. Keep changer, stay samurai, and never stop believing,

Ignacio G. Campos

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