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Dream what you want. Be what you dream

Walking the talk is the one and only way. It works. Dreams, desires, goals and aims are just propaganda, if not accompanied by real and truthful actions. Everything else is just metaphysical ending in the nothing.

Be true to yourself. Stop the hidden agendas, uncover the ones who have them. They just work for the short term. Open your mind to ideas and actions, regardless who is sharing them. Stop judging and start observing and question yourself as children do.

Limit yourself to enjoy and share every second you have the luck to live. It will be just then when the concept and reality "limitless" appears, as Jim Carrey splendidly describes in this video.

Camila Cordeiro via Unsplash

There's no need to fight and confront others, as then we are just confronting ourselves. The real need we have is to be continuously learning from the others, and making the "we're better together" a reality. There's no need to win, when we can just learn and become limitless.

Were are missing Life's message

Life and nature are constantly teaching us. However there is where most of us miss the mark. It's not about winning or losing against anything or anyone. Wake up!.We are all part of the same essence. We all come from the ocean, we all belong to the sea, the same source of life and energy, which is the only source of truth balance and equilibrium.

As soon as we don't miss the mark on this simple fact, we might start to listen, instead of judging. We would start sharing instead of winning. We would start to pick the long term, instead of the short wins. Might be then when we would have the full picture and and remove the nonessential.

We belong to our dreams, and our dreams belong to us. The trick is can just make them true,when we start to change those thought and feelings into practicum. The most beautiful thing of it all is making our dreams true just depends on how strong we are on doing what we think of, if that's linked to our inner source.

The real battle we should be aiming to win everyday is to find someone new to help and make their dreams come true. Even the smallest thing will do, if we do it with full presence and purpose. That is the way of the warrior, and when humans become legends. that is when being the second is being successful, because those little gestures will be massive tomorrow. As the tsunamis start with minimal vibrations ending into massive waves and power.

Be prepared and take this. Win win is over. Win to many is here. If you liked what you read, don't miss the mark and share it. But most importantly do it.

Keep hungry, stay samurai, and never stop believing,

Ignacio G. Campos

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