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Comfort kills, it really does. A tribute to Ibn Ali Miller (March 2017)

Tomorrow is Monday and we may feel bad about it, being our own time!. Sounds crazy, right? Sounds ironic, no? If the answer to these questions is yes, keep reading because you, me and everybody out there could be dying right now.

What if we stopped for a second and truthfully assume that might be we buying things, thoughts and values we don’t want and need to please people we don’t like. Who’s to blame there?. Just you, me, him or her, the ones who are letting this happen.

I dare you to watch the video of Ibn Ali Miller and witness why and how you can commence to change it all, by just owning your second

We all have problems, duties, bills to pay, differences, but we always have a choice, the choice to make it right, not because some else is telling us, just because it’s what we feel it’s the right thing. The one that feels good, regardless of our past, present or future.

It’s not the place where you are, it’s how you are living in the place you live. It’s not the job you have or the company you work for, it’s how you make it when you’re at work. It’s not the society, your environment or anything else, because society begins with you. So stop blaming, stop complaining, and make it work.

See Ali’s examples, it just takes a second to make a big difference in our lives. What usually happens, is we let our negativity, fears, and conformism to reign most of our time, 90% of our time.

Change complaints into actions

The only key is to move that 90% of our time thinking into little actions a day to solve those feelings or situation, avoiding comfort. If so:

Don’t complain about Mondays and make them the most valuable days of your week. Stop complaining about your job, and be the best employee and partner for your company. Stop complaining about your partner and be the best partner you can be.

Stop complaining about the government and propose something to your community. Stop complaining about people not respecting you and help someone you don’t know, for nothing in return. These are the things where we need to put the focus on, you, me and everybody else, without thinking, as Ali just doing them. And by doing them we might stop complaining as we have some other stuff to do.

So main advice here is whenever you start to complain about anything. Stop, and think who’s to blame. Then decide what you are going to do about it to solve that complaint. It is the only way to commence to live a life full of meaning, because if not probably you are living the life of someone else. It’s the way of the warrior. And there is no path for it, its here and now.

If you liked what you read, share it and most importantly practice it. Keep rad, stay samurai, and never stop believing,

Ignacio G. Campos

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