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Why loving our pain

This is the eternal paradox. Recent studies carried out in hundreds of hospitals around the world are revealing 80% of terminal people when asked, what's your number one regret in your life?, they come to a very simple and powerful response; "I did live the life of many others, but mine" and "I was not truthful to myself".

At the same time, most of those people when asked if would have had the same friends, jobs or relationships (the what) they replied YES. However, again what they regret the most was the how, meaning they would have lived if brave enough, more intensively each second of their lives, intensifying the emotions attached to those things they felt to embrace, care or share.

So then why loving our pain. Because most of us just avoid investigating the real causes of the pain in our lives emotionally, believing by doing that we will feel better and cured. Contrary to this belief, what we are really doing is patching a short-term boom for having a late massive burst to put all lives upside down. We once more leave our fear to win the self-growth battle.

The opportunity lies in the pain

If we would stop for a truthful second, and acknowledge what our fears and pain are willing to tell us, we would be much happier, and most importantly we would cure once for all many emotional little scars that come to our lives and feelings every-day, preventing us go to the next level.

We are just letting the opportunity to end once for all with that pain or fear pass by our faces, without doing anything about it. Hence the main learning point of it all, taken from all those wise men and women asked in their latest stage of their lives, at those hospitals is:

  • when we fear something or get emotional pain in any situation, do stop, note it down and develop it more in depth to find the origin and main cause of that pain or fear all. This might sound simple, stupid and even ridiculous, but just do it.

  • once this is done, written and understood, put yourself within the next 48 hours in a situation whenever you are able to speak with someone you trust about it, designing a real situation in which you are forcing yourself to overcome and solve that undesired situation and feeling.

  • repeat the process until whenever you face any similar situation and find yourself living that situation from a new mindset and perspective, far way better than the initial feeling.

  • when the full process is easy enough to be repeated and explained, share it with more people as for them to visualize that behind every pain or fear lies an awesome evolving opportunity

As usually if you liked what you read, share it and most importantly practice it. Keep rad, stay samurai, and never stop believing,

Ignacio G. Campos

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