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A road called success


It's not a path. It's not a recipe. And there is no one able to tell you what is yours, hers or his. It's all about failing, trying and re-inventing again. It's your business and no one else's. What it does matter about it all is that it's worth it, and we should make the most of our lives because it's no one else's life, but ours.

Charles Darwin wisely said: “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

In my particular case, I would define success as being fully aware of my time and the possibilities that I have to impact on others' lives with the result of a better situation than the current one. This makes me happy, and for this, I've decided to commit and act.

That is why I've decided I would be shooting a series of videos and content, sharing workable ideas and actions described in the books I've written aimed to:

  • Accept our past (education, beliefs, experience)

  • Understand our present (society, media, environment)

  • Decide the ones we want to be (our biggest gap)

In these videos and content shared I will be sharing with you different “out of the box” tools, advice and easy actions for living a much more fulfilled life.

I will reinforce the fact that in my case, as many others, life has been always telling me the secret; however, I was not committing myself to assume the responsibility and was waiting for some other/s to save me. Life was always telling me I should live every second of my life as if it was the last one, until I paid attention to what this means, now.

Once more if you liked what you read, share it and make the most of it.

Keep rad, stay samurai, and never stop believing,

Ignacio G. Campos

About the author

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Ignacio has just published the third book of our trilogy called, “A life in a second”.

Get the books clicking the titles “The biggest fake” , “All dogs are Labradors”, and “A life in a second” and live an inner trip to that past, this present and those decisions which make us the ones we are now, to choose then the one you really want to be, for every second of the rest of your life.

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