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Why committing to our purpose

Prior to anything else, because life is a not a solo mission. Many philosophers, scientists, psychologists and wise women and men of all times have taught us this lesson. Even the nature if we just observe it, will teach us.

However, our subconscious reptilian mind, environment and society will make our amygdala work hard to block our emotions, gut and cortex. Preventing us make the best decisions and fulfilling sentiment, we can have now.

How many time we have felt lone, alone, helpless.


Moreover, how many times we have blamed others for our current situation, despaired to the one we really want to have, in our inner feelings.

If we really want to start to take control of ourselves and feel plenitude in every second we live in doing what we are already doing, we really need to pay attention to these three key self-awareness factors:

1. Understanding our past. Forgiving ourselves, and everyone around us.

2. Getting to know what rules our present, our possibilities and our solutions.

3. Taking action based on the feelings we get to make an impact in our “now”.

The third point is the final point of everything else, and the beginning of everything after, getting to know our purpose and commit in life.

It’s not happening tomorrow. It will always happen now

The solution of it all it’s not looking for someone else to blame or waiting for the others to take action for us.

The solution is in us, whenever we have to chance to make a difference, to do it or not. That is why committing to our purpose is more a matter of doing, rather than thinking or feeling. It costs the first time, but with repetition, we can dance it. If life is music, let’s be the symphony, as Ben Harper sings it

It’s just then when we everything starts to make sense. We start to feel great gratitude for what we have, making a real impact in our inner fulfillment. It’s when we get a total sense a meaning for every second we have the luck to live in, regardless our exact position in time and place.

There is a tremendous power in it. We become limitless souls in limited bodies. However, as any big power it requires practice and a bigger responsibility to mastery it. It entails strong commitment to keep going fighting our inner 92% natural reptilian resistance, and the rest of the world external 92% of added resistance. However, the reward is immense when we see the power and value we are able to create around us.

Assuming you liked it, keep samurai, and share it,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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