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Let yourself be beautiful

Frankie goes to Hollywood signs it in one of the best songs ever written called “The power of Love”. There are some brave and honest questions we should ask ourselves if we want to discover what does this mean, and how can we let ourselves be beautiful?

Once again, by knowing what in the world is making us feel that beauty and knowing what is tearing us apart from it. Usually, it is our well know rejection to change and comfort zone moved by our reptilian brains what do a great job to confuse us and let others dictate us what to do. Moreover, this prevents us fulfilling our real goals in life; the real outcomes, which feed our souls entirely.

Everything is permitted but questioning our Status Quo and those reasons why we are alive now. For which things we would live for and die for.

As Paul Mascetta, influential expert exposes in this insightful video, it all has to do with that dark place called death, which we all want to avoid even mentioning. However assuming it and talking about death more often and naturally, we might consider making those valuable changes we have been scared to make in our lives for so long. And those changes could have nothing to do to change it all all of a sudden. Not at all, but for sure would make us much more grateful for this precious life we have the luck to live now, to help others without expecting anything in return and to live fully every second in that place we all avoid to go and look called “us”

That magical place called “us”

I'm going to use once again public free art of someone else to prove what we are tackling here. How easy and difficult at the same time is to make meaningful (mindfulness) those small and simple details we all have in our hands. Pay attention to the lyrics of the song written by the Austrian-German band “Boy” – “We were here” . Inviting you to enjoy it by hitting the link.

“Cause everywhere we’ve been, we have been leaving traces, they won’t ever disappear, we were here we were here, we were really here” And the rain gets rough, but time cannot wash us off, we will not ever disappear, we were here, it was really love. We are really love".

Here it comes one of the secrets of life. We are all the same, the same essence, the same feelings, the same composition and the same purposes. We want to admit it or not, we all want, desire and pursue relevant goals in our life, as the new yorker Abraham Maslow pointed out describing the five levels of human needs. Once basics and security are covered, we all want to make a difference and help our environment, moved by slightly different outcomes. The lesson learned is:

· We need first to assume our past

· Realize who we are now. How far we are from that beauty and love we are in essence.

· Let our beauty guide our pain to make our square living meter worthwhile, regardless where we are now.

Be in the best place you can be, see your inner-beauty and do not ever let it go. Share if you liked.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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