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This is who I am, this is who we are

I am a regular human being, and an active difference maker. I like seeing possibilities instead of limitations, and challenging others to become their best shades by being accountable and responsible of their own purpose and meaning in this magical period we share called “now”.

I chose to be a messenger of everyone else’s message. For that, I assumed an active role in writing as the author of a trilogy called a life in a second. This trilogy is called so, because a second is all that it takes us to change our lives, by having just a honest revealing true second inner view.

For that to happen, we need to accept our current situation, forgive ourselves, and forgive the world. Then analyse if what we are now is the result of what we want, or we are made of others’ opinions and judgements. Then we might accept that we have been the extras in our own movies.

Once done, that we must acknowledge that is not the world the one we need to blame for our current situation. It is just us the ones who has made the decisions that lead us to what we are now.

Next step having assumed that tough truth, we might start seeing that we need to be the change we want to see in the world, as whenever we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. While every day’s media and news make an effort to show us how much misery we have in the world, it just takes a second to stop, look around and see someone being a small real hero.

"Yesterday, I went to a well-known hotel in Dublin city centre, as I usually feel inspired in non-regular environments. Just when entered the bar, I remembered the waiter that had attended me six months ago. Moreover, I remembered how I felt that first time. I remembered that I felt awful when asking her for a coke. In addition, her response to me was according to that, an awful one. However, this time I decided to change things. While a smile surged on my face, asked her again for a coke, being the same person and the same situation, the outcome was extremely different.

That first time she treated me poorly and this time she gave me the best place in the entire restaurant and offered me free Wi-Fi, while smiling back in the process. This very simple example took me a second to think and another one to make it consciously happen. In addition, the best part of it, is doing it when possible without expecting any favor in return, as whenever this happens, things around you start changing for good. So why don’t we give it a chance to the world, to start seeing it differently? Probably the outcomes of our little actions for the better will amaze us",

The solution is closer than we think

it is in us, but for that to happen to need to stop searching for recognition in external agents, and make ourselves live in accordance to what our gut tell us, regardless of what the rest of the world will say. Take a chance, and share your comments when doing that. If you would like to participate in a simple and humble interview in which sharing tips on your experiences when making these changes happen, please let me know here. If you would like to receive more powerful and simple game changers, subscribe here.

Stay rad, keep humble and share without expecting anything in return, share it if you liked.

Make a difference, as it’s in our hands.

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