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Can we change the world?

According to Friedrich Nietzsche work and premonition, back in the 19th century there is an explanation to the current madness we are living now in our world. Global leaders showing us today, the worst human side, nature and actions, with the only purpose of misinform, confront and confuse us for their own and mean doable benefit.

However, this madness has a clear explanation, in F.N’s opinion, which he called the total freedom stage ending in a global crisis of the most relevant VALUES. Moreover, the question we should all ask ourselves is, do we really want to change the world? Was it that the crisis that came to us or was it us who left the crisis happen by not doing anything? Now the answer to it might have thousands of different interpretations and meanings, so many as each of the individuals that inhabit the Earth.

Nevertheless, there is also another possibility if we all form part of the same universal essence and we are all made of that same liquid called water. This possibility is that we as collective humanity have not persevered in what make us unique while free, preventing our true purpose come to our lives giving us the answer to each question and leading us to know what to do in each occasion.

Once again, we face the same crossroad every day, every second, in which the next second is the product of the previous one, influencing by the uncertainty of the next one to come (anxiety). The only answer to those questions and decisions to make is the one that makes us who we really are, is letting ourselves be with the flow. The challenge we all face is how much more time we still let our environment to minimize our potential regardless what we are doing, studying, loving or caring for in our lives.

There is when we can start changing small things that will have a huge influence for the sake of us all, much more powerful that any possible madness the earth knew. It is the time for us to start doing some different things, such as see any other human being, as if were you, not more, nor less. Not black nor white, not brands nor comparison.

Apply the 3 go-flow-give rule

By consciously start doing three simple and positive things a day for people you do not even know, without expecting anything in return. They do not need to be big things; it could be anything, coming from our guts. Having reached here, let’s think about when was the last time we did that?

Although there is no magic recipe, what it is for sure is by changing the way we see at things, the things we look at change. In addition, by changing those, we need to take action on those. It is not enough to see or think, as what make us much more powerful than those who use their 10% of potential, is using at least an 11%.

The difference between the 10% and the 11% is not being born gifted, fate or providence. It is just having the guts to break the norm. Mostly when the accepted one is using the 10%. The solution is to stop complaining, seeing the others as the guilty ones, or our environments. It is so easy to be in the 10%, as it requires effort and guts to make any small change. However, it takes a second to make it real.

All those times we are feeling fear, frustration and not good, it's nothing more than our inner self-ringing a never-ending bell that has been ringing for a long time, without us being able to change it. We are wrong when we think not acting by fear is better, as if every time we do it, we mostly regret after.

We are all made of a big amount of water. We are all the same. We all suffer, we all have fears, and frustration, But it’s enough time since F.N’s premonition to start seeing that the benefit of changing those things we fear and have to do with our souls, hearts, and emotions, are so big that when we will die, we will be proud of having lived and done to impact positively others.

Materialism has a due date, whereas our hearts are limitless. Change pride and fear for heart and guts. Follow your gut, stay rad, and if touched, start doing something and share it.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

About the author

Get ready to start that second that will change a life and subscribe. Ignacio has just published the third and last book of a trilogy called “A Life in one Second”. The three books are about to be ready in their English versions, being available in 700 different online sites. Links will be shortly updated.

During the three books, “The biggest Fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, the author will make you live an emotional inner trip to your own lies, truths, and decisions, which make you the person you

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