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Why dying while living?

Before starting, pay attention to what the lyrics of the Essence “A Mirage” in 1987 were revealing us all 30 years ago, where the essence of everything comes from. Try copying and pasting what the minute 3.30 says, then use any translation tool and get the meaning. Then, as every piece of art, make your own interpretation, which probably is the same as everyone else, as we are all part of the same essence, to know 70% water. “Be water my friend”.

What is making us runaway from our real purpose? Is that just we do not have time to stop and pay attention to this simple question? Is it that we are not ready? Could be the case that we are still passing the word to others, to the world? Are we finding more limitations than possibilities?.

The truth is there could be many answers to these questions, however there just one solution to it, being honest to ourselves. First step is recognizing the world is not the one to blame for what we are now.

Only us, we are the ones who have all the power to make every next second relevant and meaningful. However we will not be able to find an answer if we continue blaming our environment, our parents, our friends and relatives to all those things we own and we postpone the action on.

So the main question to be solved here again is, honestly, are we willing to do something for all that accumulated anger, sadness, frustration, fear or negative feeling we bring to today from yesterday?. If the answer is yes, keep reading.

Let your pain guide you

By paying real attention to it, we might act, instead of thinking or feeling. That is called frustration, whenever we have a feeling and it is our own mind playing tricks on us. The results of that is we are taking to our present past emotions based on things that do not really exist anymore.

Moreover, this is the key of everything. So easy to say and so difficult to do, right? Why could be that? Because it is a painful truth to accept that 90% of the times, we are killing our own essence, and not being able to release what our inner purpose is telling us.

So main point of it all, without any magical recipe and using common sense is to start doing and stop thinking, mostly whenever we have a negative feeling or thought:

  1. Stop,

  2. Note it down,

  3. Replace it with any other positive you might find,

  4. Start with the smallest things – A truly honest actionable second

For any time we gain a second converting our pain into small positive actions, we are “time hacking” as Benjamin P. Hardy describes in his insightful book Slipstream, time hacking, which I take the opportunity to recommend now.

Remember that the path to a live full of meaningful seconds, starts with a truly honest actionable second, that leads to a virtuous collateral beauty effect, which lasts forever.

If you liked what you read, and think it is worth it to share it, invest a meaningful second and get our essential message rolling in the wind.

About the author

Get ready to start that second that will change a life and subscribe.

Ignacio has just published the third and last book of a trilogy called “A Life in one Second”. The three books are about to be ready in their English versions, being available in 700 different online sites. Links will be shortly updated.

During the three books, “The biggest Fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, the author will make you live an emotional inner trip to your own lies, truths and decisions, which make you the person you are now, which could be quite different from the one you really want to be, for every second of the rest of your life.

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