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That thing you’d die for

And this is not about your love, your mum, dad, friend, son or daughter. That’s easy to feel and think about.

This is about you, what is that something inside you that burns when it comes to your mind, to your stomach.

Well if you don’t know it, if you forgot it and just decide to bury it in the last corner of your mind, heart or emotions, it is about time you wake that something up back to fight.

You want that something back with all the strength you might have inside, because life is too short to keep wasting your time on others, other things or excuses that your inner voice mumbles you every day when you go bed or wake up.

Stop thinking and start doing. Start becoming immortal and making the difference. It only takes 10 seconds. Because Mondays just belong to the braves. No matter how many times that inner voice won the battle. No matter how many times others made you quit. There is no more time for regrets. Regrets only live on the minds and the hearts of those who die while living.

This article is not about me or you, it’s about everybody, it’s about the nature, it’s about the place and the way we live now. There is no secret recipe. It’s all about doing and stop thinking. There are no limits or regrets when we are doing and following what our hearts tell us to do. You just need to dare yourself and be that one you really want to be. Our lives just happen and mean in a second.

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