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A life in a second

However a second, even being an insignificant portion of time, can take a whole life to be taken for playing a major role in our lives.

How many times we have thought about becoming, starting, joining, and beginning. And how many seconds, hours and minutes we have been investing just imaging how our lives would be by doing something which changed it all.

We spend much more time thinking in how it would be rather than the second that takes to really start the specific action which generates the desired change we are looking for.

It’s just the fear of really becoming what we are imagining that prevents us to really start doing that: what if, what the others will think, what if we don’t make it, what if something goes wrong, so many things will happen, it will be so difficult, we will fail.

Many times what really happen is that we don’t really know that what really keeps us apart from what we are now and what we want to be is just the second we take in thinking about the possibilities and consequences of BEING.

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