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A life in a second
When / Where:

Coming soon | 18:30

Conference Centre

There is much more inside you than you really think. 

Probably as you spend most of your time thinking you have not a clear picture of what you are able to do and to be.

Let's live together just a truly and meaningful second which might have a real impact on the rest of your life, are you ready?

All dogs are labradors
When / Where:

To be determined | 19:15

Four Pillars Hotel

Have you ever taken a moment to look inside and ask yourself who you really are and why?


Where, who and how would you like to be now? What is preventing you from getting your real purpose in life?


If that's your case, and you want to get more, welcome to the show!

Masterclass Workshop


21-26/03/2020| 18:00-19:00

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During these sessions, you will be able to guide yourself towards where you have always wanted to be, if you really dare to

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