November 6, 2018

Stick to your word. Accountability, walk the talk.

And if you can’t make it finally, at least communicate proactively in time, manner and form so the people you are letting down are aware and can re[plan] their days in advance, not at the very last minute.

Hold on to you...

October 30, 2018

The key resides in personal 3 key aspects

·      Motivation (Meaning, Personal Attitude)

·      Time organization (How to)

·      Action (doing proactively, instead of thinking)

Several well-known s...

Behind each obstacle there, it lays an opportunity. In the adversity, there it lays thousands of alternatives we can do.

As science says, 92% of the times, we the people will chose to stay in our negative side, without doing anything to overcome quickly the current “tra...

Because it can be used in a totally different way we are used to using it every single day, hour and minute we use our capabilities to make the most of our opportunities.

There is a quote to brain tattoo — same inputs, same outcomes. If we decide to keep judging, acting...

April 17, 2018

Knowing and acting based on deep knowledge and understanding of some basic concepts. We are part of something much bigger than ourselves. Magic will not happen if we are not ready for the magic to happen.

1.    We are going to die at some point

2.    We ar...

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