November 22, 2018

Many people still believe strongly multi-tasking is something of value to practice and mention, or to be proud of being practised daily.

And this belief is very far from reality as multi-tasking is the non-efficient ability to start one thing and without having finished...

September 4, 2018

Prestigious artists like Jim Carrey, Eric Prydz, or Will Smith magically describe with music and words what it means to live under one or the other and the consequences we may face living our lives with a predominance of any of love or fear. This is our everyday choice...

August 30, 2018

It doesn’t matter what we did in the past, what we are doing now, or what we are thinking to do next.

The past does not exist neither the future, it’s just here and now. This is what we really are, now.

To align with ourselves and the universe around us, to know who and...

July 11, 2018

Why just when we start enjoying what a second ago, a life ago was an aspiration (or another check of the wish list) we are still hungry for the next thing in the list.

There are many reasons why, as many as people populating the planet, however there is a very common de...

June 19, 2018

But we love to do, to try, to reach, to discover, to travel, to read, to not stop, to talk, to discuss, and to see new things “out there”.

And what happen once we've done, tried, reached, discovered or travelled?

We keep having an impetuous desire inside telling us to ke...

June 12, 2018

Since the beginning of the human era, thousands of human beings have tried to be more linked to the spiritual side. Linked to things we cannot see.

Not only because that unknown is in itself attractive but also because most of us we are confident there is something else...

Who would in their own sanity be happy to fail over and over again?

The ones who know they have nothing to lose and a lot to win.

Probably the only ones who decide genuinely to stay true to their values over the average.

The ones who are awake enough to meet the real oppo...

As Biffy Clyro sings, Many of Horror (When We Collide), we seem to live always alert, always ready for something bad to happen.

The truth is, not that many bad things in life are later happening, luckily.

In addition, the worst can happen is a well-known one, when any of...

As Victor Kuppers says – Be sure the thing that matters the most is that single thing that matters the most, nothing else.

It seems obvious and simple.

However, let me ask a simple question to you. If in the middle of your daily busy day, someone would come to you and as...

April 24, 2018

As Patti Smith Group used to sing in 1978; because the night belongs to lovers, Mondays are those days that most of us insist to remove from our calendars.

A sad learning point that instantly should come to our minds, is that any Monday could be a powerful game cha...

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