July 26, 2017

Or said in another words, 19.272 days is the average time of any regular human being in his or her life, assuming that person would live 80 years of age in any given developed country with no major health issues. Not much, isn’t it?

This figure results of multiplying 36...

Everyone wants to be the principal character in that movie called life, but how many of us do feel it that way? How many of us do make it happen?

We have the power to do it and to change shadows into light all the way down. Remember to connect to the no limits Wi-Fi, fi...

For those of you who have not yet watched it, it deserves your time to watch the grey, to grasp the essence of the magical, beautiful, sad and happy message the movie is sending us 360 manner.

Be ready to loose, be ready to win, be ready to learn, be ready to grow, be r...

April 25, 2017

Josh Waitzkin author of the book "The art of learning" and several times world champion in martial arts and chess, speaks loudly about it.

Most humans tend to judge, cross reference and act taking into account every single second, emotion and experience we have come acr...

March 30, 2017

Walking the talk is the one and only way. It works. Dreams, desires, goals and aims are just propaganda, if not accompanied by real and truthful actions. Everything else is just metaphysical ending in the nothing.

Be true to yourself. Stop the hidden agendas, uncover th...

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