June 19, 2018

But we love to do, to try, to reach, to discover, to travel, to read, to not stop, to talk, to discuss, and to see new things “out there”.

And what happen once we've done, tried, reached, discovered or travelled?

We keep having an impetuous desire inside telling us to ke...

June 12, 2018

Since the beginning of the human era, thousands of human beings have tried to be more linked to the spiritual side. Linked to things we cannot see.

Not only because that unknown is in itself attractive but also because most of us we are confident there is something else...

Behind each obstacle there, it lays an opportunity. In the adversity, there it lays thousands of alternatives we can do.

As science says, 92% of the times, we the people will chose to stay in our negative side, without doing anything to overcome quickly the current “tra...

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