La farsa de la linealidad del tiempo (y del espacio)

Sobre este tema ya hay varios estudiosos que ponen en duda que tiempo y espacio funcionan y son como nos han enseñado. De hecho yo, como autor de este post, soy el primero que lo pone en duda. Autores como Benjamin P. Hardy Phd, de obras tan brillantes Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time ya lo cuentan apoyados en teorías igual de locas y reales como que 1+1=2. Quien nos lo iba a decir, ¿verdad?. Parece que sin matemáticos, físicos, filósofos, religiosos, y otros mucho

¿Por qué los optimistas son héroes del día a día?

Muy sencillo, porque son capaces de traer vida a lugares, momentos, vibraciones y personas muertos/as en vida. Y no me refiero a optimistas empedernidos o soñadores despiertos que viven en los mundos de Yupi, apartados de las problemáticas diarias y actuales. Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on Unsplash No. Me refiero a aquellos que igual que otros que eligen hacer del miedo, la cobardía, la envidia y la ira su bandera, por el contrario, eligen hacer pedazos su corazón para

Entrepreneurship. What´s behind the fear?

So more fear. Now, a fear that each one of us can transform into whatever we want: creativity or anxiety? And it goes from time to time... For 20 days I've found myself depending on nothing more than myself to generate income. For the moment I have generated zero. However, I have generated a few expenses... This situation thought quickly generates anxiety, at least in me. Although later and calmly I understand and feel that it is as it should be. From there what I continue de

Emprendiendo. ¿Qué hay detrás del miedo?

Pues más miedo. Ahora bien, un miedo que cada uno/a puede transformar en lo que quiera. ¿Creatividad o ansiedad?. Y va a ratos... Hace 20 días que me encuentro dependiendo nada más que de mí mismo para generar ingresos. Por el momento he generado cero. Eso sí, gastos he generado unos cuantos... Esta situación pensada rápidamente genera ansiedad, al menos en mí. Aunque después y con calma entiendo y siento que es así como debe ser. De ahí lo que sigo decidiendo es sacar mi fu

El viaje más increíble jamás contado

Un viaje a escasos centímetros de la lógica. Este 2020 y desde que me embarqué en este proyecto personal y profesional en Catalunya en The Leadership Circle estoy sintiendo como si el espacio-tiempo se multiplicase en intensidad, aprendizaje y vivencias a nivel interno y profundo. Aprovecho una vez más para dar las gracias y reconocer a dos personas claves para que cambios reales se produzcan y perciban, al menos por mi parte. Me siento mejor, más liviano, más conectado con e

Our Affinity Of Collective Consciousness Instinct

Co-Creating with Kevin Baker First of all I would like to recognize Kevin for having come to me and proposed to write together. It´s an honor, thank you, and here it goes... By definition, instinct or innate behavior is the inherent inclination of a living organism towards a particular complex behavior. The simplest example of an instinctive behavior is a fixed action pattern (FAP), in which a very short to medium length sequence of actions, without variation, are carried out

Bounce forward, what´s that?

Today is a hard and bad day. This is how I feel now, after someone close told me a German homeless called Markus passed away today. Markus had been living and sleeping for the last 3 years in a public bench facing lately ridiculously cold and humid nights (the photo is not him) Photo by Leroy Skalstad on Unsplash I was personally shopping for him, as some others around the neighborhood, offering him help and support to cover his basic daily needs. Food, water and a pinch of

A Message from another dimension. For 2020 and beyond.

A few days ago I was driving to Madrid from Catalonia where I currently reside to spend a few days with family and friends. On the way something happened to me that is difficult to explain but easy to feel when one is "open" to "things" that many believe to be crazy. Several of my deceased loved ones and family members sent me a simple and clear message: "Remember us, but from love and not from fear. Remember our happy and not so happy moments. And in doing so, think that we

Un Mensaje del más allá para el más acá. Para el 2020 y lo que venga

Hace pocos días estaba conduciendo a Madrid desde Catalunya donde resido actualmente con el fin de pasar unos días con familia y amigos. Durante el camino me ocurrió algo difícil de explicar pero fácil de sentir cuando uno está “abierto” a “cosas” que muchos creen locura. Varios de mis seres queridos y familiares difuntos me enviaron un mensaje simple y claro: “Recuérdanos, pero desde el amor y no desde el miedo. Recuerda nuestros momentos felices y los no tan felices. Y al h

What does really matter?

During the last months I have integrated more a very simple assumption I was defending in previous posts and occasions. What really matters in life is what really matters, dot. This is a simple assumption and can lead to hours of never-ending discussions and tribulations. But again what really matters in this life is to be alive. And to be alive in the best condition and not dead in our hearts, souls, minds. For that we need to be brave enough to see, feel, recognize and act

Lo que realmente importa

Durante los últimos meses he integrado mejor una suposición muy sencilla que he defendido en ocasiones en escritos anteriores. Lo que realmente importa en la vida es lo que realmente importa, punto. Esta es una suposición simple, pero que puede llevar a horas de interminables discusiones y tribulaciones. Pero de nuevo, lo que realmente importa en esta vida es estar vivo. Y estar vivos en las mejores condiciones y no muertos en nuestros corazones, almas o mentes. Para eso nece

The 5 AM Club, why you should read it

It’s been a while since publishing last. But better late than never. Currently I’m at one of my most loved spots in Dublin getting inspired, feeling grateful and doing one of the things in the world I enjoy the most, producing something forever. Writing. Copyright @ Robin Sharma’s Book Cover For those ones who follow Robin Sharma, simply a quick wake up call. Don’t just think because you follow him regularly you already know all what his last book offers, as you will learn an

Me llamo Gennet. Así vencí al silencio y a la oscuridad

Es importante saber, el propio Director de la película sobre la que habla este post me ha confirmado hoy que vamos a sortear dos entradas para el preestreno el día 5 de Abril entre los que repostéis y consigáis mayor circulación en redes sociales con me gusta a este post. El ganador se confirmara esa misma semana de Abril con un email personal y una sorpresa especial. Esta es probablemente la publicación de la que me siento más orgulloso y pequeño al mismo tiempo, por el solo

My Name is Gennet. When humans defy the impossible

This is probably the post I feel most proud and humbled to be part of, just writing it. And that is because the person I’m going to introduce and his God father are both people incarnating values I truly admire in people. Copyright @MiguelAngelTobias Ruthless perseverance, immeasurable courage, true faith in themselves and higher drive pursue every day of their lives. And the way our paths crossed was highly intentional-accidental. I was at home trying to convince my wife to

How to become a sales pro in 13 days

Spend time in creating a document of buyer Personas to discover who you are selling to and what drives them and to be able to add them tons of value with your interaction. Selling will be a natural consequence, so will be buying. Buyer Persona Pains / Needs Triggers Values No matter the role, but knowing how adding value and entertaining them is key (i.e Director IT, HR, Owner, Receptionist, Marketing Manager, etc) Talk about the pain ASAP, no matter which channel, call, emai

Why Multi-tasking = Nonsense-tasking

Many people still believe strongly multi-tasking is something of value to practice and mention, or to be proud of being practised daily. And this belief is very far from reality as multi-tasking is the non-efficient ability to start one thing and without having finished it, start another one, and another one and another until the list is bigger than the task itself. Studies reveal the high damage this causes to the health of any human being practising this wrongly appointed a

The most valuable currency anyone can choose to practice

Stick to your word. Accountability, walk the talk. And if you can’t make it finally, at least communicate proactively in time, manner and form so the people you are letting down are aware and can re[plan] their days in advance, not at the very last minute. Hold on to your word/s is such an important attribute you have that you should respect it no matter what, because if proves you genuinely care for the others. And caring for the people we work with, we share our lives with,