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What does really matter?

During the last months I have integrated more a very simple assumption I was defending in previous posts and occasions. What really matters in life is what really matters, dot. This is a simple assumption and can lead to hours of never-ending discussions and tribulations. But again what really matters in this life is to be alive. And to be alive in the best condition and not dead in our hearts, souls, minds. For that we need to be brave enough to see, feel, recognize and act

When less is more (and how to take exponential advantage of it)

Or when two people are in true-love or a teamwork is in deep harmony, or just when someone pays resilient attention to what matters the most when communicating something rather than to what is being communicated. When you see and feel true communication it’s almost as “when the nothing means everything”, or when a pause (a silence) can communicate far beyond than a thousand words. And this is usually happening when we truly care about the receptors side of the message, rather

Moving away from perpetual denial

Is there anything better than the feeling of being special? The same feeling you get when you are an unbroken child and your father, mother or that person teaches you something you end up loving or shows you that awesome new thing you didn’t know it existed. Or the feeling you get when you meet someone special, in which you mirror and project the feelings you get, expecting the other person feels the same about you, and it’s awesome. Or the one you get when you arrive at that

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