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Entrepreneurship. What´s behind the fear?

So more fear. Now, a fear that each one of us can transform into whatever we want: creativity or anxiety? And it goes from time to time... For 20 days I've found myself depending on nothing more than myself to generate income. For the moment I have generated zero. However, I have generated a few expenses... This situation thought quickly generates anxiety, at least in me. Although later and calmly I understand and feel that it is as it should be. From there what I continue de

Lo que realmente importa

Durante los últimos meses he integrado mejor una suposición muy sencilla que he defendido en ocasiones en escritos anteriores. Lo que realmente importa en la vida es lo que realmente importa, punto. Esta es una suposición simple, pero que puede llevar a horas de interminables discusiones y tribulaciones. Pero de nuevo, lo que realmente importa en esta vida es estar vivo. Y estar vivos en las mejores condiciones y no muertos en nuestros corazones, almas o mentes. Para eso nece

The 5 AM Club, why you should read it

It’s been a while since publishing last. But better late than never. Currently I’m at one of my most loved spots in Dublin getting inspired, feeling grateful and doing one of the things in the world I enjoy the most, producing something forever. Writing. Copyright @ Robin Sharma’s Book Cover For those ones who follow Robin Sharma, simply a quick wake up call. Don’t just think because you follow him regularly you already know all what his last book offers, as you will learn an

Me llamo Gennet. Así vencí al silencio y a la oscuridad

Es importante saber, el propio Director de la película sobre la que habla este post me ha confirmado hoy que vamos a sortear dos entradas para el preestreno el día 5 de Abril entre los que repostéis y consigáis mayor circulación en redes sociales con me gusta a este post. El ganador se confirmara esa misma semana de Abril con un email personal y una sorpresa especial. Esta es probablemente la publicación de la que me siento más orgulloso y pequeño al mismo tiempo, por el solo

My Name is Gennet. When humans defy the impossible

This is probably the post I feel most proud and humbled to be part of, just writing it. And that is because the person I’m going to introduce and his God father are both people incarnating values I truly admire in people. Copyright @MiguelAngelTobias Ruthless perseverance, immeasurable courage, true faith in themselves and higher drive pursue every day of their lives. And the way our paths crossed was highly intentional-accidental. I was at home trying to convince my wife to

This must be the place — “happiness”. The end game.

Such a vague and subjective concept to describe, “happiness”. May the dictionary will find someday clarity and homogeneity enough to define it better than today. Copyright @ Ignacio G. Probably for many, there would be a very common denominator in the definition. Momentary. Couple of questions we might have to analyse here · Do we have tools to make it last longer? Based on what? · How can we make happiness a more structural part of our life? According to Phycology Today, phi

To love or to fear, that is the question (and how this affects our leadership)

Prestigious artists like Jim Carrey, Eric Prydz, or Will Smith magically describe with music and words what it means to live under one or the other and the consequences we may face living our lives with a predominance of any of love or fear. This is our everyday choice and no one else’s. This can provide us with meaning or unease. Not only artists, actors, scientists but also the most relevant coaching and mentoring tools today use these 2 factors to determine our current per

Attitude must be shown when we want to show it less

It doesn’t matter what we did in the past, what we are doing now, or what we are thinking to do next. The past does not exist neither the future, it’s just here and now. This is what we really are, now. To align with ourselves and the universe around us, to know who and how we want to be and behave is something to be done every day as if it was the first one and the last one, because that is the only thing which makes our existence meaningful. Doing what is required at the ri

Why do we always want more?

Why just when we start enjoying what a second ago, a life ago was an aspiration (or another check of the wish list) we are still hungry for the next thing in the list. There are many reasons why, as many as people populating the planet, however there is a very common denominator. What it really happens if we are not able to control those emotions, is we are removing from that moment itself the beauty of simply enjoy it. And what is really the point in desiring something so mu

Why we don't like to wait

But we love to do, to try, to reach, to discover, to travel, to read, to not stop, to talk, to discuss, and to see new things “out there”. And what happen once we've done, tried, reached, discovered or travelled? We keep having an impetuous desire inside telling us to keep searching for more emotions out there, without stopping to begin again. Usually what happen is we never get this desire satisfied, and we want more and more. We will never get enough. Because what we are co

What we can’t see – And how it does impact our daily lives

Since the beginning of the human era, thousands of human beings have tried to be more linked to the spiritual side. Linked to things we cannot see. Not only because that unknown is in itself attractive but also because most of us we are confident there is something else. Something we cannot see. We are not talking here about religion, goddess or supernatural powers. We are talking about energy. As the hormones or the WI-FI, we cannot see them or touch them, but they do exist

Courage - Loving to fail repeatedly, and keep trying over and over again

Who would in their own sanity be happy to fail over and over again? The ones who know they have nothing to lose and a lot to win. Probably the only ones who decide genuinely to stay true to their values over the average. The ones who are awake enough to meet the real opportunity life means. The ones who know what means to overcome daily basis the today’s stigma – “you can’t fail” The ones who really understand failure as a natural way of experience and learn from anyone or an

The one thing that matters (and nothing else)

As Victor Kuppers says – Be sure the thing that matters the most is that single thing that matters the most, nothing else. It seems obvious and simple. However, let me ask a simple question to you. If in the middle of your daily busy day, someone would come to you and ask you that? What would you answer? Probably you would think that person is awkward, weird and crazy. Who in his/her own judgment (full of ego and lack of presence) would take that question seriously at that ti

The brave don’t wait till Friday. They enjoy Mondays (and Tuesdays)

As Patti Smith Group used to sing in 1978; because the night belongs to lovers, Mondays are those days that most of us insist to remove from our calendars. A sad learning point that instantly should come to our minds, is that any Monday could be a powerful game changer in our lives if we just would pay attention to what it really means, in spite of swearing on them. After that, we might come to understand that loving ourselves it’s the beginning to start loving in a proper ma

What will set you apart? (If you know it, and do something about it)

Knowing and acting based on deep knowledge and understanding of some basic concepts. We are part of something much bigger than ourselves. Magic will not happen if we are not ready for the magic to happen. 1. We are going to die at some point 2. We are not cleverer than someone else 3. Life is not a solo mission 4. We the people need each other people to be happier 5. Finding what makes us happy 6. Getting rid of toxic people (or getting to know how to deal w

Learning from close encounters with death. Kepa Acero’s Testimony

It’s a pleasure to start this post, literary citing one of my most admired people using literally his words after the recent accident suffered surfing at his beloved Mundaka. If he was already one of the most time and life self-aware persons I have ever listened to, now this taking place, it seems like everything he was predicting came true. Thank you Kepa for sharing such powerful insights with us, and so it goes, from Kepa’s Video “The vast majority of the things we are afr

What’s behind a bigger purpose? Is it genetics, or is it earned?

Beginning this post providing evidence from several studies carried out in this field. According to them a slight variation in a particular gene is associated with bigger purpose and sometimes altruistic behavior. Greater Good Magazine article from Berkeley University, which you can also read fully here analyzed this. In the study, published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, German researchers took a saliva sample from 101 men and women, using the sa

Why Roger Federer is not the #1 of all times (the secret)

Because it's not yet the moment. Not for him. Because you are not your recognition, your titles, your reputation or fame. You are just as good as the last second you did something in your life with a bigger intent than yourself. And because Roger Federer decides to see himself, as a regular human being who does his best to maybe be called after all the #1, someday. But not yet, not now. And this is something for sure Roger Federer is not getting tired of showing the entire wo

The story of the man who broke his ego two hundred times and kept going.

Probably he doesn’t know I’m writing about him during this precise second. Probably if he discover this post, he will get mad at me. I will take the risk. I choose to write about him, because, removing admired and people (family, friends, relatives) he is probably the closest person I’ve met to be a living legend. He is my Kung-Fu and mixed martial arts teacher. I will slightly mention he is world champion in several disciplines of the martial art already and he will keep rep

Decoding Intuition. The McGregor Effect.

As many others have called it “The law of attraction”. Believe or not it just takes 10.000 hours for anyone to become a master in anything. Just bear in mind to keep your health up to be able to enjoy it when it comes. Or might be the case it’s already there. Some people will call it success, others happiness, persistence, and many more they will call it luck. Like it or not there are not many other ways to make it happen rather than time, persistence and courage to go beyond

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