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From instant gratification to instant appreciation

And why we should do it. Not just because the stoic millennial discipline talks about it, but also because if not, we might end up unproductively complaining about our current status quo, rather than actively doing something (finding solutions) to change it. We might be quickly infecting everything and everyone around us, with an impact on our limited time in the Earth and our happiness in the long run. That is why most of the things providing instant or immediate gratificati

We don't have more time

Than the time we already have and had. No one is ensuring us, me or anyone we are making it to the next day. There is no past, nor future. Those concepts both live in our minds. For sure they are not what is happening now, which is the essence of who we are. We are not our past, what we accomplished, our title, our job, our role, neither our future. We are just the one thing we have done and how we have done it at the very last second. This is who we are, our last second, our

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