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Let yourself be beautiful

Frankie goes to Hollywood signs it in one of the best songs ever written called “The power of Love”. There are some brave and honest questions we should ask ourselves if we want to discover what does this mean, and how can we let ourselves be beautiful? Once again, by knowing what in the world is making us feel that beauty and knowing what is tearing us apart from it. Usually, it is our well know rejection to change and comfort zone moved by our reptilian brains what do a gre

Can we change the world?

According to Friedrich Nietzsche work and premonition, back in the 19th century there is an explanation to the current madness we are living now in our world. Global leaders showing us today, the worst human side, nature and actions, with the only purpose of misinform, confront and confuse us for their own and mean doable benefit. However, this madness has a clear explanation, in F.N’s opinion, which he called the total freedom stage ending in a global crisis of the most rele

Why dying while living?

Before starting, pay attention to what the lyrics of the Essence “A Mirage” in 1987 were revealing us all 30 years ago, where the essence of everything comes from. Try copying and pasting what the minute 3.30 says, then use any translation tool and get the meaning. Then, as every piece of art, make your own interpretation, which probably is the same as everyone else, as we are all part of the same essence, to know 70% water. “Be water my friend”. What is making us runaway fro

That thing you’d die for

And this is not about your love, your mum, dad, friend, son or daughter. That’s easy to feel and think about. This is about you, what is that something inside you that burns when it comes to your mind, to your stomach. Well if you don’t know it, if you forgot it and just decide to bury it in the last corner of your mind, heart or emotions, it is about time you wake that something up back to fight. You want that something back with all the strength you might have inside, becau

A life in a second

However a second, even being an insignificant portion of time, can take a whole life to be taken for playing a major role in our lives. How many times we have thought about becoming, starting, joining, and beginning. And how many seconds, hours and minutes we have been investing just imaging how our lives would be by doing something which changed it all. We spend much more time thinking in how it would be rather than the second that takes to really start the specific action w

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