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How to live 3 lives in 1? (without dying whilst trying)

The key resides in personal 3 key aspects · Motivation (Meaning, Personal Attitude) · Time organization (How to) · Action (doing proactively, instead of thinking) Several well-known specialists break down this trinomia, offering a wide range of easy to implement actions to make this utopic subject a reality. Simply read Robin Sharma, have a look at his last release the 5 am club. Or Greg McKeown on this master piece Essentialism thedisciplined pursue of less,

Why we don't like to wait

But we love to do, to try, to reach, to discover, to travel, to read, to not stop, to talk, to discuss, and to see new things “out there”. And what happen once we've done, tried, reached, discovered or travelled? We keep having an impetuous desire inside telling us to keep searching for more emotions out there, without stopping to begin again. Usually what happen is we never get this desire satisfied, and we want more and more. We will never get enough. Because what we are co

What we can’t see – And how it does impact our daily lives

Since the beginning of the human era, thousands of human beings have tried to be more linked to the spiritual side. Linked to things we cannot see. Not only because that unknown is in itself attractive but also because most of us we are confident there is something else. Something we cannot see. We are not talking here about religion, goddess or supernatural powers. We are talking about energy. As the hormones or the WI-FI, we cannot see them or touch them, but they do exist

Courage - Loving to fail repeatedly, and keep trying over and over again

Who would in their own sanity be happy to fail over and over again? The ones who know they have nothing to lose and a lot to win. Probably the only ones who decide genuinely to stay true to their values over the average. The ones who are awake enough to meet the real opportunity life means. The ones who know what means to overcome daily basis the today’s stigma – “you can’t fail” The ones who really understand failure as a natural way of experience and learn from anyone or an

When we collide (and life hits hard)

As Biffy Clyro sings, Many of Horror (When We Collide), we seem to live always alert, always ready for something bad to happen. The truth is, not that many bad things in life are later happening, luckily. In addition, the worst can happen is a well-known one, when any of our beloved ones passes away. Moreover, this is what exactly has happened recently in my closest circle. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do when these things happen. Apart from being there, being suppo

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