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"A second is all that you need to make a difference.

A difference is what makes every second valuable." 

Ignacio Gallo Campos
Welcome to the first second of a new life 


Why do we use just a 10% of our brains? Most of the studies and researchers of our era are constantly repeating us we the humans are not able to use more than a 10% of our brain.

Well then I have a question for you, have you ever tried to find an explanation for that. Why might that happen?

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Do you really dare
to know?


What if most of the times we are just thinking and not doing?

We spend 90% of our existence, limiting our own minds to finally not doing much.

That might be the reason why we use just that 10% because we just do 10% of what we think about.

Simple as hell. Discover more here

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